D&D Gatelands Session Two

Unfortunately Mary was ill, so the party left Astrid behind at the nomadic Aarakocra town of Thriwood, whilst they travelled into some nearby mountains in search of a Magitech engine that had been stolen form the Aarakocra by Goblins.

Map of the Gatelands - Session Two
Area is approximate

The goblins were hiding in a cave. Inside the first part of the cave there were two goblins and three wolves. Whilst Lunk and Kioko worked to calm and free two of the wolves, Nuraya fought the third and Dusty and Kel worked to defeat the goblins. Kel used a fog cloud to blind the two goblins whilst Dusty climbed up to the platform they were stood on and pushed them off. Dusty also found the keys to the chains holding the wolves to the wall, allowing Lunk and Kio to release them.

In the next room was an old bridge. Lunk walked across, Dusty jumped the gap. Kio then followed Lunk. Nuraya was next to attempt to cross, but fell, however Lunk cast Featherfall and Nuraya made it to the other side safely. Kel managed to cross okay but nearly fell about halfway across.

In the main room were several goblins and a Mechagoblin (goblin in a mech suit powered by a magitech engine). Kio used her acid breath to attack the mech directly, whilst Nuraya and Lunk fought the goblins. Kel imbued Dusty’s crossbow bolts with a thunderclap spell, causing a blast of sound every time an enemy was hit. Unfortunately, the Mechagoblin had flamethrowers that caused Kel to drop to -1 HP, thankfully Kio managed to heal him fast enough to get him back in the fight. The death of the Mechagoblin came at the hands (and spells) of Dusty and Kel, with Kel landing an imbued bolt in its eyeslit, which then caused his head to explode due to the thunderclap.

Upon returning the magitech engine to Thriwood, the party recieved a few magic items, including a Magitech Pistol, two stones that allowed the users to cast a communication spell through them, an item that could light fires and act as a taser, and a magic amulet that gave fire resistance. Every member (even Astrid) received 60 Gold, 30 Silver, and levelled up.


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