D&D Gatelands Session 3

This post is a bit late because I recently went back to school. Chandler was unable to join us again, so D’esti was ill.

A Raptoran Aarakocra

Having brought back the Aarakocra’s magitech engine, and received our reward, we were invited to join the Aarakocra for a feast. During the feast, Kel started to converse with a Half-Gnome who was travelling with, and advising, the Aarakocra. He introduced himself as Esan Tabernacle, who wrote the in world book, A Comprehensive History of the many Peoples and Events of the Continent of the Gatelands, which Kel had read copy of. At the same time, Nuraya started acting strange and insane. Esan started to take notes, but Kel warned him that most Shardminds act like they have a “stick up their arse”.

The next morning, the Aarakocra started packing up their camp, revealing that the main building was an airship. The chieftain offered to give them a lift to the last town before the desert, where there was going to be a festival. Upon takeoff, Kio went straight into ship duties, like she was used to.

During the journey, a group of wyverns with riders attacked the airship. The party went to defend whilst the Aarakocra worked to keep the ship flying.

Upon defeating the wyverns, a fight that nearly killed the party, the Aarakocra thanked them again, and the ship continued on it’s way, with the party helping to solve probllems on the ship.


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