D&D Gatelands Session 4

Due to a dispute, Anthony was removed from the group, meaning that Lunk never existed.

The party travels with the Aarakocra to a human town (I forget the name), just north of the desert. The town is in the middle of an annual festival. After losing money to some cheap games, and Kio getting drunk in the tavern, the party decided to stay in town for the festival before heading south to House Winter.

On the second day of the festival, the party enters into a treasure hunt guided by some riddles that lead them all across the town.

The hunt ends with Kio, Dusty, and Nuraya racing two boys to the marketplace. The boys are about to win, but Dusty manages to get ahead of them through use of Parkour.

The party received 500 gold between them, and the two boys angrily return home.

Later, the party encounter Esan again, and Kel invited him to come with them, however Dusty and Nuraya insidted on testing his combat skills.

Towards the end of the duel, the two boys and a number of townspeople show up carrying weapons to attack the party… (to be continued)


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