D&D Gatelands Session 5

Due to issues, such as exams, it has been a while since we’ve been able to play D&D. Unfortunately Chandler had to leave the group so Dusty never existed.


Session 5 continued from where Session 4 left of, with a group of children from the village preparing to attack them.

One of the children, a large girl (who turned out to be the daughter of the  blacksmith), charged first attacking Nuraya. Kel then proceeded to create a cloud of fog before starting to leave toward the village.

Kio also left the fog cloud, but was spotted by one of the children who charged around to fight her.

The leader of the group went after Kel and agreed to talk, during which Kel tried to make a deal to stop the fight, however after taking Kel’s portion of the gold from the treasure point, he told his friends to continue the fight.

At this point Astrid arrived from the village, and started to heal the injured party members.

The fight continued, at one point Esan left to get help, returning with the blacksmith toward the end of the fight.

The leader of the groups lack of honour angered Kel, until eventually he unleashed a Burning Hands spell, injuring the leader and almost killing his younger brother.

The party, realising what happened (except for Nuraya (who Josh decided was 200 years old and a bit senile)) stopped fighting, and Astrid and Kio started healing the children, while Kel broke down, realising what he did.

The session ended with Nuraya returning to the inn, Kel crying in the field, Astrid watching him, and Kio going with the blacksmiths daughter, who was almost killed by Nuraya, to continue healing her.


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