Kings of War 1: Forces of Nature – Earth Elementals

So I’ve finished the Earth Elementals that I bought at Hammerhead 2018. The models took me roughly a week to finish.

On the Sunday I built them.

1st Earth Elementals 1 Built

Afterwards I sprayed them Black and basecoated them with Mechanicus Standard Grey.

1st Earth Elementals 2 Basecoat.jpg

Then painted them with Eshin Grey, which I followed with a shade of Agrax Earthshade.

1st Earth Elementals 3 Wash

I then drybrushed them with Ulthuan Grey and shaded them with Agrax Earthshade again.

1st Earth Elementals 4 Drybrush

Then I painted the plants on them:

  • Castellan Green followed by Loren Forest for the vines.
  • Dryad Bark highlighted with Gorthor Brown for the tree trunks.
  • Death World Forest shaded with Biel Tan Green for the moss/leaves.

1st Earth Elementals 5 Plants.jpg

Then I basecoated the crystals with Naggaroth Night, then layered them with Xereus Purple, then highlighted with Slaanesh Grey, and shaded them with Druchii Violet.

And I painted the bases with Mournfang Brown.

1st Earth Elementals 6 Crystals.jpg

Finally to finish off I glued on some small stones, and some Citadel Grass, followed by a thin layer of Citadel Snow, to create an effect that makes the bases look like the Elementals are fighting during the end of winter.

1st Earth Elementals 7 Finished Individual 2

1st Earth Elementals 7 Finished Individual 11st Earth Elementals 7 Finished Individual 3

1st Earth Elementals 7 Finished Unit.jpg
All three Elementals finished and ranked up

As soon as a slight problem is solved, I’ll be starting work on the Salamanders from Battle of the Glades.


Hammerhead 2018

So today was Hammerhead, the yearly wargames event with participation games.

Originally, Hammerhead 2018 was meant to be on the 3rd of March, however due to heavy snow it was rescheduled for today, the 28th of April.

This year I played a few of the participation games, including UFO, based on the Gerry Anderson series of the same name; Wild West Exodus; a tank game using large tanks made out of Lego-type bricks; and Tanks – The Battle of Prokhorovka, which was run by my dad and one of his friends.

I also entered the Wargames Illustrated painting competition, which was a new thing for Hammerhead. I entered with my rendition of Bradigus Thorle – The Runecarver, from the game Hordes by Privateer Press. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but here’s the model anyway.

Bradigus Thorle

As always, I couldn’t go to Hammerhead and not buy some things. This year I had less money than usual (The postponement meant that I was able to buy a Knight over Easter, pictures coming soon in a separate post), however, I did get a couple of things. My original plan was to buy Test of Honor from Warlord Games, however Mantic Games were also at Hammerhead this year (Warlord and Manic are regulars), and they had a two-player starter set for Kings of War, as well as some units, so I bought the “The Battle of the Glades” Two-player starter set, and an Earth Elemental Regiment (picture below).

2018 Loot

The Battle of the Glades includes:

  • Kings of War Gamer’s Edition Rulebook
  • Battle of the Glades Guide
  • 20 Hard Plastic Lower Abyssals(can also be built as Flamebearers) with Command
  • 20 Hard Plastic Succubi with Command
  • 20 Hard Plastic Naiad Ensnarers (can also be built as Naiad Heartpiercers) with Command
  • 20 Hard Plastic Salamanders with Shield or Great Weapons and Command
  • 1 Metal Abyssal Champion with Alternate Components
  • 1 Metal Druid with Alternate Components

Crimson Litany – Imperial Knights Pt.1

The new Imperial Knights codex is coming out soon, along with some new models.

I’ve decided to return to the faction (which happens to be my favourite one in the entirety of Warhammer 40k), and expand my force beyond my Freeblade: Crimson Litany; which I bought the year that the Imperial Knights were released in 6th Edition, but only finished about a year ago.

Crimson Litany.JPG

D&D Gatelands Sessions 10 & 11

Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to post these two sessions, so I’ve forgotten most of the details.

Session 10

We had several technical difficulties during this session, so it ended up being very short.

Having rested after completing the puzzle, the party continues their journey to Sunshadow. Eventually we arrived, meeting a guard captain, who examined T’Kel’s firecrackers (being an Alchemist herself), and took them to meet the Kel (Elsinki leader).

The Kel was willing to allow the party to use her house’s library on the condition the party completed a challenge.

The party were shown to rooms, where they could rest and prepare for the challenge. T’Kel bought some vials of Acid, Alchemist’s Fire, and Antitoxin, and Pakik bought some magic arrows.

The next morning the party was taken to where the challenge would take place.

Session 11

This session starts exactly where session 10 left off.

The party enter a cave and encounter a creature, known as a Griphterox. While T’Kel, Glitch, Fenrina, and Esan engage the Griphterox, Pakik and Kio investigate its cave, finding a similar creature – smaller and with wings – a male Gripterox.

Female Griphterox

During the fight with the Griphterox pair, Pakik revealed one of his abilities  – he was able to turn into a creature resembling a Griphterox.

Pakik as a Griphterox

Eventually, the party defeat the pair, for once without T’Kel nearly killing himself or one of the others – however, for the first time since we started playing, Glitch was injured by an enemy (and not T’Kel).

Upon returning to Sunshadow, the party were allowed to rest, before they took part in a ceremony, that made them members of the House of Winter, along with some of the other Elsinki who were born into the house.

Part of the ceremony involved imbibing liquid Ether – the substance that Elsinki rely on to survive. This gave each member of the party a vision. Fenrina saw a vision of her past, when her village was attacked. T’Kel saw a great battle between three Elsinki Kels, and one Kel who was even larger. T’Kel’s vision ended with him outside of an Elsinki city, with a Servitor machine floating above.

The MUTOs from Gozilla (2014) – Part of Sean’s inspiration for the Griphterox

D&D Gatelands Sessions 8 & 9

Pre-session 8

The party gained two levels (except Fenrina, who only gained one due to already being level 4). T’Kel took  two more levels in Alchemist, choosing the Formulaeist Field of Study, and gaining a homebrew version of the Keen Mind feat.

Fenrina chose to take a level in Druid, so  that we would have a source of water as we crossed the desert.

Everyone else advanced two levels in their main classes.

Session 8

Second online session. Not much happened during this session, hence I added it to the same post as session 9. The party started across the desert, finding some strange, but unimportant sites along the way. Eventually, we had an encounter with a giant spider, which we defeated.

Session 9

Chandler returned as new character Pakik – an Elsinki Bloodhunter.

While travelling toward Sunshadow (the home of House Winter), the party (specifically Glitch) find a structure of unknown material and origin, inside which Pakik had made a camp. Pakik was travelling to Sunshadow and chose to join the party. Upon exploring th structure, Kio discovered 6 machines that produced 6 different colours of light – Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, and White. Each member was given a rock by the machines (the rocks were fused to each members wrist), which then led them deeper into the structure. There we had to solve a puzzle. Fenrina, T’Kel, Esan, and Glitch stood at 4 screens around the room, while Kio and Pakik were stood by two in the centre. Each of the outer screens had a square with four symbols, while the two inner screens had 3 columns of 6 symbols. The challenge was for the 4 party members on the outside to choose the correct symbols. After some trial and error, we figured out how the puzzle worked, and got the 16 correct answers needed. Completing the puzzle gave each of us +1 to  all ability scores, proficiency in a skill, and a feat.

For T’Kel, this meant that he reached the maximum intelligence score for a player character – 20. T’Kel also chose to gain proficiency in Acrobatics, and gained the feat Ki Sensitive – giving him the ability to use Ki Points as if he were a Monk, although he can  only use a single Ki ability – Patient Defence (can use Dodge as a bonus action) – as well as a pool of 2 Ki Points.

D&D Gatelands Session 7

Our first session online, due to Sean being at Uni.

After fighting the bandits and returning the supplies, we started on our way toward the desert.

It was uneventful until we reached the desert, where the unnatural hot winds caused Astrid to turn back (in reality, Mary wasn’t enjoying playing and wanted to stop). So T’Kel, Kio, Fenrina, Glitch, and Esan, started down a set of giant ramps carved into a set of cliffs that separated the desert from the rest of the world.

About halfway down, a sandstorm hit and we took shelter in a tunnel carved as part of the ramp.

While we were resting, we were attacked by an armored burrowing creature – a Bulette. The fight went well – we managed to defeat the Bulette, but T’Kel nearly died during the fight after it attacked from underneath him and he used his bombs at melee range, blowing both himself and the Bulette up.

After the fight, we took a long rest , during which, Kio harvested something (either scales or teeth), and T’Kel harvested blood, from the Bulette.

We then continued to the bottom of the ramp.

The journey overall took about a week in game.


Out of Game Update:

I’ve created a better miniature design on Heroforge for T’Kel:

T'Kel 3

D&D Gatelands Session 6

This session happened a few weeks ago, so I don’t remember many of the details.


We cleared up some of the mess we made last session. Then we stopped overnight at the blacksmiths, where we met Glitch, who decided to join us.

In the morning we visited the general store to get supplies, but many  of their shipments had been stolen, so they agreed to give us a discount if we found what they lost.

On the road we encountered bandits, who were fighting Fenrina, who joined us.

We chased the bandits to their hideout, finding the supplies in a cavern with their leader, a large Elsinki with a Greatsword.

We won and return to the village.