Warhammer World loot

Today I​ went with my mum, Mary, Morgan, and Sean to Warhammer World.


I bought some​stuff to start a new project that almost definitely won’t be finished.

I bought:

  • Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Legions book
  • Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • World Eaters T-shirt
  • Plastic MK3 Tactical Squad
  • MK3 World Eaters shoulders
  • World Eaters Transfers
  • and Khârn the Bloody

Hopefully I’ll finish these models but I fully intend to get Thousand Sons when I have more money.

I will post images when the models are done.IMG_20170530_180039


D&D Gatelands Session 4

Due to a dispute, Anthony was removed from the group, meaning that Lunk never existed.

The party travels with the Aarakocra to a human town (I forget the name), just north of the desert. The town is in the middle of an annual festival. After losing money to some cheap games, and Kio getting drunk in the tavern, the party decided to stay in town for the festival before heading south to House Winter.

On the second day of the festival, the party enters into a treasure hunt guided by some riddles that lead them all across the town.

The hunt ends with Kio, Dusty, and Nuraya racing two boys to the marketplace. The boys are about to win, but Dusty manages to get ahead of them through use of Parkour.

The party received 500 gold between them, and the two boys angrily return home.

Later, the party encounter Esan again, and Kel invited him to come with them, however Dusty and Nuraya insidted on testing his combat skills.

Towards the end of the duel, the two boys and a number of townspeople show up carrying weapons to attack the party… (to be continued)

D&D Gatelands Session 3

This post is a bit late because I recently went back to school. Chandler was unable to join us again, so D’esti was ill.

A Raptoran Aarakocra

Having brought back the Aarakocra’s magitech engine, and received our reward, we were invited to join the Aarakocra for a feast. During the feast, Kel started to converse with a Half-Gnome who was travelling with, and advising, the Aarakocra. He introduced himself as Esan Tabernacle, who wrote the in world book, A Comprehensive History of the many Peoples and Events of the Continent of the Gatelands, which Kel had read copy of. At the same time, Nuraya started acting strange and insane. Esan started to take notes, but Kel warned him that most Shardminds act like they have a “stick up their arse”.

The next morning, the Aarakocra started packing up their camp, revealing that the main building was an airship. The chieftain offered to give them a lift to the last town before the desert, where there was going to be a festival. Upon takeoff, Kio went straight into ship duties, like she was used to.

During the journey, a group of wyverns with riders attacked the airship. The party went to defend whilst the Aarakocra worked to keep the ship flying.

Upon defeating the wyverns, a fight that nearly killed the party, the Aarakocra thanked them again, and the ship continued on it’s way, with the party helping to solve probllems on the ship.

D&D Gatelands Session Two

Unfortunately Mary was ill, so the party left Astrid behind at the nomadic Aarakocra town of Thriwood, whilst they travelled into some nearby mountains in search of a Magitech engine that had been stolen form the Aarakocra by Goblins.

Map of the Gatelands - Session Two
Area is approximate

The goblins were hiding in a cave. Inside the first part of the cave there were two goblins and three wolves. Whilst Lunk and Kioko worked to calm and free two of the wolves, Nuraya fought the third and Dusty and Kel worked to defeat the goblins. Kel used a fog cloud to blind the two goblins whilst Dusty climbed up to the platform they were stood on and pushed them off. Dusty also found the keys to the chains holding the wolves to the wall, allowing Lunk and Kio to release them.

In the next room was an old bridge. Lunk walked across, Dusty jumped the gap. Kio then followed Lunk. Nuraya was next to attempt to cross, but fell, however Lunk cast Featherfall and Nuraya made it to the other side safely. Kel managed to cross okay but nearly fell about halfway across.

In the main room were several goblins and a Mechagoblin (goblin in a mech suit powered by a magitech engine). Kio used her acid breath to attack the mech directly, whilst Nuraya and Lunk fought the goblins. Kel imbued Dusty’s crossbow bolts with a thunderclap spell, causing a blast of sound every time an enemy was hit. Unfortunately, the Mechagoblin had flamethrowers that caused Kel to drop to -1 HP, thankfully Kio managed to heal him fast enough to get him back in the fight. The death of the Mechagoblin came at the hands (and spells) of Dusty and Kel, with Kel landing an imbued bolt in its eyeslit, which then caused his head to explode due to the thunderclap.

Upon returning the magitech engine to Thriwood, the party recieved a few magic items, including a Magitech Pistol, two stones that allowed the users to cast a communication spell through them, an item that could light fires and act as a taser, and a magic amulet that gave fire resistance. Every member (even Astrid) received 60 Gold, 30 Silver, and levelled up.

D&D Gatelands Characters and Session 1

Over the last two weeks myself and a group of friends have started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Each week I’ll be posting a summary of what happens in each session.



The role of Dungeon Master is currently played by my friend Sean. For those who don’t know, the DM’s role is to write adventures that he then guides the players through.

T’kel Arbeyn (Kel)

Tkel Arbeyn
T’kel Arbeyn  – Model made using Hero Forge

My character in the Gatelands campaign. A Fey Tiefling born in the village of Forest’s Edge, near the Elven city of Vi’scarn. Dark green skin, eyes glow pale blue, hair is crimson styled as dreadlocks tied back in ponytail. Horns look like polished mahogany. Wears leather armour and carries a hammer that he forged himself. Close friends with Astrid. Is both an archaeologist and a blacksmith. Is a vegetarian. Aims to discover the fate of the Servitors, a race of god-like machines that turned the southern desert into a paradise, then disappeared with the explosion of the far gate, leaving the paradise to return to being a desert.

Astrid Seawolf

Astrid Seawolf
Astrid Seawolf – Model made using Hero Forge

Played by my sister Mary. A Half-Drow who lived in Forest’s Edge and was attracted to the nearby river from a young age. Pale grey skin, silver eyes, dark hair tied in a ponytail. Wields two daggers, and able to turn into a wolf, cat, and horse. Lived in the forest for the last few years. Aims to find her mother, a Drow noble who disappeared a few years ago.

Kioko Kioshi (Kio)

Kioko Kioshi
Kioko Kioshi – Model made using Hero Forge

Played by my friend Morgan. A former Catfolk pirate, who discovered the remains of a dragon and gained power from them. Hates her powers, but uses them anyway to gain power and wealth. Has a habit of taking trophies from enemies.

Lunk Lyc

Lunk Lyc
Lunk Lyc – Model made using Hero Forge

Played by my friend Anthony.  A blue-skinned Goblin orphan, who discovered that he was capable of reading magical script (but not normal script). Is a capable wizard, except that most of his spells are not useful in very many situations. Is afraid of water.


Nuraya – Model made using Hero Forge

Played by Josh. A Shardmind and former guard from upper Vi’scarn. Was stripped of rank on suspicion of substance abuse. Dusty and Lunk helped him to survive. Only speaks when necessary and sometimes seems more like a golem than a sentient being.

D’esti Tu’tione (Dusty)

Desti Tutione
D’esti Tu’tione – Model made using Hero Forge

Played by Chandler. A Half-Elf, who grew up as an urchin on the streets of lower Vi’scarn. Close friends with Lunk. Him and Lunk owe their lives to Kel.

Knowledge of characters is restricted by what the players have revealed so far

Session 1

Due to personal issues, Chandler was unable to show up for the first session. This prompted Sean to improvise a quick adventure.

The players have been travelling together for a while and had made camp in a small forest east of Forest’s Edge, on their way  to a human settlement north of the Elsinki desert. In his quest to discover the Servitors, Kel wants to visit the Elsinki of House Winter.

In the morning, Kio is the first to wake and she groggily starts to make a morning drink. Kio’s groans wake Lunk, who ends up stabbing his tent.  Kel woke next, and began his morning routine of cataloguing his equipment and cleaning his hammer, Forgeshaper. Next to wake was Astrid, who was so groggy that she could be compared to a zombie. Finally, Nuraya ended his meditation and pulled himself away from the tree that his crystalline body had started to grow around. Lunk starts playing pranks on the others, while Astrid and Kel head to the nearby river. Kel gathers algae to make a stew, whilst Astrid goes for a swim.

While preparing to move on, the party find a note telling them that Dusty has been kidnapped by a group of bandits who want the party to pay them 500 gold for the return of their friend. The party choose to invade the bandits hideout in the mountains and rescue Dusty. While inside the completely terrify many of the bandits with their magic. Eventually it comes to a showdown with the bandit leader. He tells them to give him all of their gold in exchange for Dusty, however Kel responds by demonstrating his power as an Artificer by imbuing the leader’s armour with a fire spell, burning him but not killing him, however he keeps his grip on Dusty. While Kel and Kio (who aims to fill the leader’s lung with acid through a kiss) fight to free Dusty, the others finish off of the bandits.  Kel shrouds the room with fog allowing them to separate the leader from Dusty and kill the leader and the bandits.

Hammerhead 2017

Saturday the 4th of March 2017. Myself, my dad (The Inexpert Painter), and one of my dad’s friends (who I will not name for privacy reasons) went to Hammerhead.

Ran by the Forest Outlaws wargaming group (of which my dad and his friend are members), Hammerhead is an entire day (well, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM) of gaming and trading.

My dad and his friend run their own game most years, this year it was Kings of War – Romans vs Undead. The table was set up next to the Mantic (who make KoW) table and they had arranged for us to have zombie sprues to give to anyone who played the demo game. Unfortunately, while there was a lot of interest in the game, we only had one set of players. The upside of this was that after the event there were 18 zombie sprues remaing that we split between the three of us.

Despite the number of participation games, I only played three – A World War II tank battle game, Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games, and Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames. After playing Antares and Dropfleet, I bought the stuff that I needed to start with each game.

Here’s the list of everything I got from Hammerhead:


From Warlord Games:

  • Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar’a Nine

From Hawk Wargames:

  • Dropfleet Commander: Core Rulebook
  • Dropfleet Commander: Activation Cards
  • Dropfleet Commander: Shaltari Tribes Starter Fleet

Free (from Mantic):

  • 6 Sprues of Zombies
  • Kings of War Poster

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar’a Nine:



  • 64 page full-colour softback rulebook
  • 48 page full-colour introductory book
  • Quick reference sheet
  • 10 plastic Concord Strike Troopers
  • 2 plastic Concord Support Drones
  • 4 plastic Concord Spotter Drones
  • 15 plastic Algoryn AI* Troopers
  • 3 plastic Algoryn Spotter Drones
  • Plastic templates, shot tokens & pin markers
  • Orders dice (4 Maroon & 3 Olive) and polyhedral dice
  • A1 full-colour poster
  • 33″ x 23″ battle map
  • 2D paper scenery

*AI stands for Armoured Infantry

Dropfleet Commander: Shaltari Tribes Starter Fleet:




  • 1 Amber class Cruiser
  • 2 Topaz class Frigates
  • 1 Emerald class Mothership
  • 3 Void Gates
  • 1 Obsidion class Heavy Cruiser
  • 2 Jade class Frigates
  • 3 printed activation cards
  • 1 plain activation card
  • Parts to build cruisers and frigates as alternative varients
Rulebook and Squadron Cards for Dropfleet

Hopefully in the next few months, I will finish some of the models I bought and upload them.

The Inexpert Painter’s YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvREaoxSGCcaZemrx-SCpQ