Crimson Litany – Imperial Knights Pt.1

The new Imperial Knights codex is coming out soon, along with some new models.

I’ve decided to return to the faction (which happens to be my favourite one in the entirety of Warhammer 40k), and expand my force beyond my Freeblade: Crimson Litany; which I bought the year that the Imperial Knights were released in 6th Edition, but only finished about a year ago.

Crimson Litany.JPG


Warhammer World loot

Today I​ went with my mum, Mary, Morgan, and Sean to Warhammer World.


I bought some​stuff to start a new project that almost definitely won’t be finished.

I bought:

  • Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Legions book
  • Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • World Eaters T-shirt
  • Plastic MK3 Tactical Squad
  • MK3 World Eaters shoulders
  • World Eaters Transfers
  • and Khârn the Bloody

Hopefully I’ll finish these models but I fully intend to get Thousand Sons when I have more money.

I will post images when the models are done.IMG_20170530_180039

Hammerhead 2017

Saturday the 4th of March 2017. Myself, my dad (The Inexpert Painter), and one of my dad’s friends (who I will not name for privacy reasons) went to Hammerhead.

Ran by the Forest Outlaws wargaming group (of which my dad and his friend are members), Hammerhead is an entire day (well, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM) of gaming and trading.

My dad and his friend run their own game most years, this year it was Kings of War – Romans vs Undead. The table was set up next to the Mantic (who make KoW) table and they had arranged for us to have zombie sprues to give to anyone who played the demo game. Unfortunately, while there was a lot of interest in the game, we only had one set of players. The upside of this was that after the event there were 18 zombie sprues remaing that we split between the three of us.

Despite the number of participation games, I only played three – A World War II tank battle game, Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games, and Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames. After playing Antares and Dropfleet, I bought the stuff that I needed to start with each game.

Here’s the list of everything I got from Hammerhead:


From Warlord Games:

  • Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar’a Nine

From Hawk Wargames:

  • Dropfleet Commander: Core Rulebook
  • Dropfleet Commander: Activation Cards
  • Dropfleet Commander: Shaltari Tribes Starter Fleet

Free (from Mantic):

  • 6 Sprues of Zombies
  • Kings of War Poster

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike on Kar’a Nine:



  • 64 page full-colour softback rulebook
  • 48 page full-colour introductory book
  • Quick reference sheet
  • 10 plastic Concord Strike Troopers
  • 2 plastic Concord Support Drones
  • 4 plastic Concord Spotter Drones
  • 15 plastic Algoryn AI* Troopers
  • 3 plastic Algoryn Spotter Drones
  • Plastic templates, shot tokens & pin markers
  • Orders dice (4 Maroon & 3 Olive) and polyhedral dice
  • A1 full-colour poster
  • 33″ x 23″ battle map
  • 2D paper scenery

*AI stands for Armoured Infantry

Dropfleet Commander: Shaltari Tribes Starter Fleet:




  • 1 Amber class Cruiser
  • 2 Topaz class Frigates
  • 1 Emerald class Mothership
  • 3 Void Gates
  • 1 Obsidion class Heavy Cruiser
  • 2 Jade class Frigates
  • 3 printed activation cards
  • 1 plain activation card
  • Parts to build cruisers and frigates as alternative varients
Rulebook and Squadron Cards for Dropfleet

Hopefully in the next few months, I will finish some of the models I bought and upload them.

The Inexpert Painter’s YouTube channel:

First Post: The Children of Allarielle and The 18th Legion

I’ve decided to try again at starting a Blog detailing everything I do for games like Warhammer and The Horus Heresy. I try to at least name all my characters in my armies, but will most often try to name squads and write lore as well.

A few months ago I painted a squad of tactical marines and contemptor dreadnought from vuur-and-keyonthe Betrayal at Calth boxset released by Games Workshop at the end of 2015. Despite the fact that there are no rules for Salamanders in Betrayal at Calth, I decided to paint mine in the green and black of the XVIIIth legion.

When it came to naming my Salamanders, I settled on using African names for characters and Afrikaans words for squads, due to how Nocturnean culture is portrayed in 40k lore. This prompted my to name the dreadnought Brother Keyon, and name the tactical marines Squad Vuur (Afrikaans for fire).

Recently, I also started an army for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. I chose to paint a Sylvaneth army from the Heartwood Glade, named Clan Thalawest.

Currently, I only have the treelord, who I have named Rhawen, but I plan to add more in the future (hopefully I won’t change my mind this time).

The lore of Clan Thalawest is pretty basic at the moment, but (hopefully) will be expanded upon as I start playing games and painting more models.img_20160831_160352_zps63hic54p

“Clan Thalawest is a clan of Sylvaneth belonging to the Heartwood Glade. Like most Heartwood clans, they amongst the most warlike of all Sylvaneth. As a Heartwood clan, their bark is a dark brown and their foliage is a vibrant green. However, Clan Thalawest have taken to applying warpaint to their faces, partly in order to help their allies distinguish them from other Sylvaneth. This would have lead to mistrust from the other clans, if not for the fact that Clan Thalawest is always willing to fight in defence of other Sylvaneth.” 

As for Rhawen, he is simply one of the youngest and most aggressive Treelords in the clan.

The names for my Sylvaneth actually come from Sindarin, which is one of the Elf languages created by J.R.R.Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.